Dodge Garage

Dodge Garage

In 2018, while working at the JRT agency, my team and I launched an enthusiast platform for Dodge.

The team began working on the site that eventually became Dodge Garage in late 2016, while I took over as one of the main programmers in 2017 through mid-2020.

Throughout my tenure on the project, it was updated from Angular 2 beta to version 9. The site now utilizes server side rendering and a rest API built in Groovy/Grails. While the team learned the proper techniques of programming for Angular, JQuery was used as a stopgap. By 2020, almost all of the JQuery code had been replaced with more efficient code.

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Drag Strip Showdown

Dodge hosted drag racing simulators at many events they promoted. Drag Strip Showdown was a contest that tied Dodge Garage into the simulators. This project involved collaboration between developers like myself, onsite staff and the third-party company that ran the simulators. Here is how it worked:

  1. Users would register onsite on site and be given a QR code
  2. User would scan the QR code once at the simulator and their time, speed, etc would be recorded
  3. Rankings would be displayed onsite then sent back to the website API to be stored
  4. An online leaderboard would display the rankings for the ongoing event and a nationwide contest
  5. User data collected onsite would then either link to an existing user or create a user automatically
Onsite Simulators
Onsite Simulators
Leaderboard for Racers
Screenshot of the leaderboard on the website. An onsite leaderboard displaying that days rankings was also created.

1320 Club

The 1320 club is a social media network where users can share their vehicle and 1/4 mile time slips. Launched in early 2019, the hub features leaderboards based on vehicle classification, profiles to display vehicles and badges (awards) earned, and ability to comment on time slips.

1320 Landing Page
1320 Landing Page
1320 Leaderboard
1320 Leaderboard
1320 Leaderboard
1320 Add Vehicle
My Garage
My Garage
My Slip
My Slip

Racing HQ

Racing HQ Landing Page
I spearheaded a redesign of the Racing HQ Landing page in early 2020 bringing in the latest frontend practices and the ability to pull approved videos from the Vimeo API.
Racing HQ Track Locator Page
The Racing HQ Track Locator page would search for race tracks based on query parameters from the API.

Technical Features

  • Angular frontend
  • Server-side rendering (SSR) via Angular Universal
  • Grails/Groovy backend API used to provide:
    • User registration and login
    • Events
    • Racetrack information
    • And much more
  • News utilizing the WordPress API
  • Commenting system utilizing the Discourse API

Color Scheme

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Primary 02
Primary 03
Secondary 01
Secondary 02
Secondary 03
Secondary 04
Secondary 05
Secondary 06
Secondary 07