Four Green Fields Farm

Four Green Fields Farm

As one of Crandell Design's earliest clients, the website for Four Green Fields Farm is kept up to date with improvements and redesigns including a new admin interface to update events.
I've been a customer of Crandell Design since 2009 and have never once considered switching to another company for my web site services. The level of service and quality of the product has simply been outstanding. The affordability is also critical to a small business like mine. What impresses me most about Matt is that he can take my ideas for my website and rapidly make them reality. That is so important for a person like me who does not possess the technical skill or ability to manage my own site. I have no doubt that the level of professional service and the resulting high quality website provided by Crandell Design have been an important factor in the growth of my business.
Kevin Courtney, Owner
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Event Calendar

On the website, Kevin required a solution to add and display events. I created an admin interface to do just that. He can now login, add or edit events, and display them without any techinical knowledge.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar
Event Calendar with Event Open
Event Calendar with Event Open

Technical Features

  • Entire site built using Laravel (PHP)
  • Login and event administrative functionality

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Color Scheme

Green Haze
Pirate Gold
Chicory Flower
Bali Hai