Gregg's Gourmet Cafe

Gregg's Gourmet Cafe

Gregg's Gourmet Cafe in Clarkston, MI had the best breadsticks in the area while they were open. For a few years, I was lucky enough to work with them to create a website that was simple for user to navigate while keeping it easy for the client to update.

The website for Gregg's Gourmet Cafe was built using WordPress with a theme built using the Sage theme framework. I also created a custom plugin to assist with user navigation.

Gregg's Gourmet Cafe demo

Techinical Features

Custom WordPress Theme

Sage is a productivity-driven WordPress starter theme built with Laravel. The theme for for this website was then built upon that. This allowed me a great starting point to develop the design of the site with ease ultilizing tools like Sass.

See the Source Code

Custome WordPress Plugin

At least according to Sage, site outside of the theme should to be kept in separate plugins. I created a breadcrumbs plugin to help with user navigation within the menu pages. I then created a plugin that automatically creates a list of child pages for whatever page it is used on (removing the need to keep things up to date by hand).

See the Source Code

Color Scheme

Space Cadet


Gregg's Gourmet Cafe Website Typography